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A group of adolescents from Toledo decided to join each other to cheer Bobcats, Blue and Maroon. Only years can express exactly how well they really know each other. Everyone is not who you would expect them to be. Among that group is  High School sweethearts Christopher Domas and Lisa Reeves who are both honor students with different dreams. Chris dreams of playing football in the NFL after college. Lisa dreams of becoming a professional Singer and Songwriter and travels the globe. They seek out similar paths as they head to college. In spite of Christopher’s untimely situations; which, caught him by surprise, where he seeks advice from Dr. Schultz; Lisa’s faith does not waver. Lisa seeks the Lord for direction. She seeks to save souls.  The two lovebirds are going to need more than wits when crossing paths with the Smarts. No matter how brilliant of planners that Mike and Trish Ann may think that they are,  that is still a list that you would not want to be on.


The Vegetarian Lifestyle

A testimony of why I became a vegetarian. This book tells why most people choose to be vegetarian. It talks about the many different types of Vegetarians/Vegans. It also speaks about God's preferred plan. It has pictures and recipes of some dishes that I love. My goal is not to make you healthy but after reading this book, you may just become.



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