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Christian Literature for Adolesence & Young Adults

Can You See My Heart? A Lesson On Truth

Fall 2015

Can You See My Heart? A Lesson on Truth,

this book talks about Loving yourself and living

more abundantly. Elizabeth spirals down a path

of living without confidence in herself until one

day, a missionary came knocking at her door.

The Lord took Elizabeth on a path where she is

now able to leave the training wheels behind.

She was given a new start. With the Lord’s help

she begins to grow more daily. In this book you

will find out what she had learned through further

study; as well as, how Elizabeth learned to

trust in God more than she once had ever




Can You See My Heart? A Lesson On Obedience

Spring 2015


This is a testimony of how a child comes to love the Lord through hearing His voice.




Can You See My Heart? A lesson on forgiveness

This story is about a tragic accident that occurred between a father who is with his daughter and a drunk driver. Amy is subject to spending the rest of her life dependent on a wheelchair. Steve goes on a talk show to meet Dr. Frank and to seek some advice on how to cope with the anger that he has been holding on the inside for the last four years. Craig meets Frank face to face for the first time outside of the courtroom. Through it all, Amy is soon awaiting her spiritual recovery.



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