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We fundraise to support children and teens in going back to school. This is a celebration of education.  Knowledge is growth. Wisdom is Success. Without knowledge, we have little to no growth which is a requirement for wisdom, therefore, there is no success where it matters most. We push confidence through our teachings to Say No to drugs, alcohol, bullying others,  joining street gangs and to never commit suicide.  We are teaching them to find a better way to coop with their struggles through the use of our strengths of perseverance,  and our ability to follow directions, as well as our ability to work as a team which is given to us through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



Our mission is for our community of Toledo to come together in celebration and support of Education. This program is to celebrated once a year; the weekend before school begins. As we grow and move toward a 3 day weekend. It will be celebrated with some or all of the following, raffles, school supply handouts, food, scholarships, bands and parades, fireworks, t-shirts, concerts, plays, talent shows, bible bowls,  puppet shows, music, games, art and spiritual enlightenment from community/spiritual leaders and/or pastors. It will push the power of education through the inspiration of God the Father through his son Jesus Christ under the direction of the Holy Spirit.



Our hope is that the community would band together in unity as one to help encourage the children and teens to want to be successful in going back to school by taking part in the celebration.

Begin strong. End Strong. The beginning is just as big of a needed pep to success as that of graduation.

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